H20 vs H302 Sclap Hydration

H20 vs H302 Sclap Hydration

We are told to drink plenty of (H2O) to hydrate our selfs . Not technically wrong but have you ever wondered why drinking (H2O) all day long causes you to urinate more frequently🤷🏾‍♀️

Our bodies contain about 60% of water so it is possible to over saturate, drinking too much water . This is one of the reasons why our bodies will began to flush out the excess fluids.

Implementing fruits which contains what is known as H302 (fruit water) can help your body actually rejuvenate and hydrate more naturally.

Why ….?

Plants are the only thing that can turn inorganic minerals into organic minerals for the body during its self-filtration process. H302 water is living enzyme,alkaline, electric water. It has so many health benefits besides just replenishing your body .

Try it yourself….

Eat more fruits this summer along with drinking your water . Watch how your scalp health improves along with so much more 💪🏾

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