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Hydrating Loc Mist

Prime Naturals Beauty LLC

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This hydrating loc mist is designed to add moisture to your locs, preventing them from becoming dry and brittle. With a refreshing scent, this mist will not only nourish your hair but leave it smelling delightful. Keep your locs healthy and hydrated with this essential product. The mist comes in an 8 oz bottle with spray nozzle and a 4 oz travel safe bottle that has a mister spray . 

Usage:  Incorporate in loc care routine. Can be used daily, bi-daily, or a couple of times weekly. Usage is dependent on the user's hair and how well moisture is held. 

Tips: Great to also use while retwisting to add moisture to locs if hair drys fast and hydration is needed. 

Ingredients: Distilled water , Aloe vera juice , Rose water( from actual roses), Vitamin E