5 Stages Of Loc Journey

5 Stages Of Loc Journey

1. 3 to 6 months: Starter phase of the Loc journey

The Starter Phase  is the baby stage of your locs development, and it can last anywhere from 3-6 months. The duration depends on your hair type and how fast your hair grows. At this stage, you’re excited as you wait for them to bud.

Tips to maintain locs at the starter phase 

  • Try to wait at least 3 weeks or next appointment before your very first shampoo
  • Apply water base conditioner or rose water  to locs and scalp followed by oil in scalp 2-3 times a week to keep your hair moisturized
  • Cover head when sleeping with a statin material head cap that is compressed fitted. 
  • Leave your locs alone and let them grow .

2. 6 to 12 months: Budding phase of the Loc Journey

Also known as sprouting, the budding phase is the  miraculous moment when the magic starts becoming obvious as you might notice your new growth is puffy, frizzy and swelling in size . Your  hair will start to intertwine and frizz forming into a loc.You will also notice that at this stage if you started your locs with twists or braids, the pattern will start to diminish. This is part of the process, and you shouldn’t let it disturb you. Just make sure you keep the original scalp partings to allow the spinning process to become established for each individual loc.

Tips to maintain locs at the budding phase 

  • Continue to moisturize locs like earlier stage 
  • Continue to cover locs every night before sleeping to avoid length and retain moisturize. 
  • Stay on schedule with retwist/ maintenance every 3-  6 weeks ( depending on hair texture) 
  • Don’t re-divide your budding locs or over twist roots 


3. 12 to 15 months: Teen phase of the Loc journey

Referred to as the locking phase , this is the time when the your sprouting  and budding truly begin to look like locs. This is an excellent time to rock your hair accessories . Shampooing should no longer loosen your locs and you should see some your locs hanging by its forming weight. 

Tips to maintain locs at the teen phase

  • Continue healthy hair habits as you did in previous stages . 
  • Avoid tight loc styles 

4. 15 to 18 months: Maturity phase of the Loc Journey

Your excitement climbs a notch higher as your locs become denser in size, noticeable in length, and there’s minimal frizz. The duration of this adult stage is around 1-2 years, but the speed at which your locs will grow depends on your hair’s texture, your hair care regimen, and the products you use. At this point, your locs are firm, and there’s no more forming.

Tips to maintain locs at the maturity phase 

  • Continue healthy hair habits has previously stages 
  • Use the right products to prevent buildup and unravelling
  • Proper retwist to avoid weak locs and excessive frizz once they are mature

5. From 18 months onwards: Rooted phase of your Loc Journey

 Normally, by this time, your locs should have all grown to the same length. They should also feel heavier and at the same time, more slender. 
After a few years of wearing your locs, there’s a good chance that some locks may begin to thin and/ break break off at the ends. Caring for your locs and being consistent at it can help minimize signs of age.

Tips to maintain locs at the rooted phase

  • Get regular trims to control deterioration at the ends of your locs
  • Deep condition your locs at least once monthly
  • Wrap your locs at night with a satin compressed covering to retain moisture and avoid lint 
  • Dry your locs thoroughly to prevent odor & mildew


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