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( Grey Grizzle ) Satin Pillow Case

Prime Naturals Beauty

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A complete quality handmade, natural and hypoallergenic silk pillowcase designed for healthier hair and skin while you sleep. 

This product is made with the individuals in mind who has more hotter than cooler nights. Dislikes sleeping with anything on their head but still values their hair enough to protect it at night . 

Items include:

  • 1 satin pillow case
  • 1 satin sleeping mask 


  • Charmeuse soft satin 
  • Fits standard queen and king size pillows 
  • ( 30” x 20”) standard queen
  • ( 36” x 20) king

Key Benefits:

  • Promotes moisture retention 
  • Promotes  healthier , stronger, and shinier hair
  • Reduces frizz 
  • Protects from hair loss and breakage by eliminating friction
  • Keeps you cool throughout the night